Chanhassen Storm Damage Repair SpecalistsAt times, Mother Nature can make herself heard loud and clear; possibly through an intense bang of thunder, a drought, a blizzard, or a tornado. No matter the type of weather, there is always an impact on the earth and in some cases on our homes. Chanhassen MN and surrounding areas might be more well known for blizzard-like conditions, but we do experience strong thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes from time to time. These summertime storms can wreak havoc on homes causing unexpected damage. If you have experienced any type of storm damage to your home recently, A-Team Construction is here to help with quality and insurance paid storm damage repair services for Chanhassen and the surrounding areas.

Free Storm Damage Inspection

Sometimes a storm can cause damage to your home that is hard to see. There could be damage to:

  • Windows
  • Gutters
  • Roof
  • Siding

While window damage might be easy to see, roof, gutter, and siding damage might be harder to diagnose. Let our trained professionals take a look to see what needs repair and to what extent damage has been done, at no cost to you. If you suspect storm damage to your home, A-Team Construction will come to your home for a free storm damage inspection.

Insurance Paid Storm Damage Repairs for Chanhassen

You likely aren’t expecting storm damage to your home, so when it hits, it can be hard on your wallet. The good news is that many times insurance companies will foot the bill for storm damage repairs without added costs to you as the homeowner. If the thought of making an insurance claim seems daunting to you, A-Team Construction is the company to turn to in your time of need. We have a staff member assigned specifically to help with insurance claims. Our goal is to make the insurance claims process as easy for you as possible.

Wind Damage

During a strong to severe thunderstorm, there can be damaging winds. Trees can be blown over, sticks and limbs can fly through the air, and power lines can topple. All of these can cause problems to your home from roof damage to broken windows to damaged gutters. When wind damage hits your house, A-Team Construction can fix the problems.

Hail Damage

The biggest problem hail causes is to your roof. It can be harder to diagnose issues with a roof caused by hail, so why not take us up on our free Chanhassen storm damage inspection? Our team can come take a look at your roof if you are concerned. By being proactive with making repairs, you will likely prevent more damage from occurring the next time a storm hits.

A-Team Construction is a team of exterior contracting professionals and is locally owned and operated. We put our customers first, always work around your schedule, and work until a job is completed. Call (763) 710-9955 today so we can get to work repairing your storm damage!