window-installation-servicesWe are just going to call it, it’s summer and with all the spring cleaning out of the way you might be looking to get some home improvements completed before the hellish heat is here. One great improvement is replacing your home windows. The quality of your windows can be seen in each and every room of your home, from the inside and out. So if you aren’t fond of their appearance or function you’re likely reminded of it daily. A-Team Construction and Remodeling offers professional window installation and replacement services. We will have you staring at your window, instead of out of it.

When is it Time to Replace you Windows?

Window replacement does have its many benefits but if your current windows are functioning just fine, there is really no need to replace them. We want you to get exactly what it is that you want out of our exterior services and not be misled. So below is a list to help you determine if your home would benefit from a window replacement.

Drafty Windows – If you walk by your windows in the winter and get the chills, it’s not a ghost, it’s actually a sure sign your windows are letting in cold air. Don’t let your money fly out the window, have a professional come out and be sure it’s the windows and not lack of installation, it’s usually a combination of both.

High Energy Bills – If your furnace is stressed or your air conditioner kicks on more frequently, you’re windows could be to blame and that constant use of energy will not only cost more monthly but shorten the performance life of the heating and cooling systems your home uses.

Moisture Accumulation – If your windows are letting in moisture, it means they aren’t properly sealed anymore. Moisture welcomes mold, which is never a good thing in the home. It is pretty typical of a poorly functioning window to develop ice in the cold winter months, this is a definite sign new windows are needed.

Missing Screens – Screens are important because they keep bugs, animals and allergens from freely invading your home. If you’re missing multiple screens or they have holes in them, chances are your windows are pretty old and not being used. We can offer you window replacement services with screens included.

Hard to Operate – If you feel like you’re playing tug-of-war every time you try and close your window, there is better use for your energy. Or maybe you’re sick of lining up the bottom pane just to have the top pane fall, perhaps your window doesn’t stay at an open stance without something wedged to keep it from falling….all of these problems can be fixed with the help of A-Team Remodeling.

Winter Prep is a Hassle – We all have things to do come winter, drain the hoses, tarp the AC, etc… If a majority of that list involves window preparation and you still feel the cold getting in, the time for a window replacement is now!

You can Hear a Pin Drop – It might not be that your neighbors are excessively noisy or that your road is loud, it may be that your windows are letting all the little sounds in. If you can hear noises you’ve never noticed before it may be that your windows are overdue for a replacement.

You’ve Giving Up – Have you given up cleaning the outside of your windows? The screens? Heck, even the inside of them? If so, we know it’s not you, it’s your windows. Our window replacement experts can give you a window that shines and is easy to clean.

Cracked Glass – Whether is a small crack or a big crack, that crack is letting in air, moisture and sound. Make sure you get the window replaced. It is likely to start rotting the frame if left unattended for too long.

Stuffy House – Is your home always stuffy? It might be that your windows aren’t allowing proper circulation. If this is a problem your facing talk to the professionals you choose for installation and be sure they help you select window styles that are great for air flow.

Minnesota Window Replacement Options

There are a few options when considering window replacement, one of the most affordable options for replacing windows is an Insert Window Replacement. This is where we leave the frame intact and replace the movable part of the window. This is great for many homeowners but not all. A Full Frame Replacement will give you the ability to choose a different style of window and replace the frames that may be in bad or an unsightly condition.

Maybe you’re at peace with your current windows but want more natural lighting, ventilation or more of an outdoor view. Our window installation experts can always add more windows to your home, in locations suitable. This is a great solution for homeowners that are finishing a basement and looking to add a bedroom.

Minnesota Window Installation Experts

If you can relate to one or many items on the list above, our advice is to contact our Minnesota window installation and replacement professionals and we can come out and give you a free estimate on your window service needs for free. A-Team Construction and Remodeling can be reached at (763) 710-9955.