Storm Damge Contractor Blaine MNThere are only a handful of things that are worse than waking up to the realization that your roof has been damaged in a hail storm. Regardless of how severe the damage is, just knowing that you need to find someone to make the repairs for you who’s going to actually help fix your home and not charge you an arm and a leg can see daunting. Especially when you first start looking for a roof repair contractor. At A-Team Construction and Remodeling, we understand the challenges you might face when trying to find the perfect roofing company, but that’s why we want to ease your worries by offering ourselves up as your GAF certified roofers of choice. If you’re in need of a hail damage roof repair contractor in Blaine, MN you can trust, look no further. We’re right here!

Storm Damage Roofing Services

We’d like to say that all roof repairs are simple and straightforward, but that’s simply not the case. Every home is different, and depending on the stability and age of your roof, the damage can be more or less severe. We offer a range of roofing services, including hail damage roof repairs, re-roofing, and even full roof replacements, when necessary.

Re-Roofing – Adding layers of shingles to cover areas of your roof that are poorly covered or have been stripped bare
Roofing Repairs – Storm damaged repairs, roof repairs to fix bad roofing work, and fixing areas of a roof that are too old or damaged to re-roof
Roofing Replacement – When your roof is too far gone to repair or re-roof, we’ll replace your roof, but this is a last resort option, as it is the most expensive form of roof repair

When working with some roofing contractors, you might have to wonder whether they have your best interests in mind, especially once you consider whether your roof needs to be replaced or can simply be repaired. With A -Team, you won’t have to worry about whether we’re doing honest work. We always do, and we try to make the entire process as cheap for you as possible by working with your insurance company directly.

Insurance Covered Roof Repair Company

By saving you the hassle of speaking with your insurance company and working out the particulars of your roof repairs, we make it easier to make sure you get the most money possible from your insurance company for your roofing repairs. Even if your roof needs to be replaced, we’ll negotiate that as well so that you pay as little as possible out of pocket. If you’re looking for a hail storm damage roof contractor in Blaine, Minnesota, A – Team Construction and Remodeling can offer you the assistance of our GAF certified roofing contractors, who are committed to making sure you’re taken care of this winter. Call us today at (763) 710-9955, or email to find out more about how we can help you with roof repairs today, or how we can be there for you in the future if a storm decides to take your roof out as collateral damage.