Hail Damage Repairs Ham LakeIt’s no secret that Ham Lake, MN and surrounding areas within the Twin Cities experienced an intense amount of hail a couple evenings ago. With hail storms comes hail damage, sometimes the damage is visible and sometimes it is hard to see. The licensed roofing contractors at A-Team Construction and Remodeling are experienced in Residential Hail Storm Damage Repairs, so experienced that we have our own Insurance Claim Specialist dedicated solely to dealing directly with insurance companies. If you suspect, see or are concerned about any hail damage on your roofing, siding, windows, gutters or any other area of your home – contact A-Team Construction for a no obligation, free home inspection.

Insurance Claim Hail Repairs

All those months you’ve paid into your insurance company are finally paying off. Our hail damage repairs are usually completely covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. It never hurts to get more than one opinion, especially when dealing with insurance companies and investments as major as your home. Our Hail Damage Repair Specialists will inspect your entire home for hail damage and communicate the number we feel is appropriate for the repairs. We then work with your insurance adjuster to ensure they are in agreement with our findings and us with theirs.

Residential Hail Damage Repair

There are many areas of a home that can be affected by the damaging nature of hail, especially the golf size hail many parts of the Twin Cities experienced. Below are some common signs that hail has left your home in need of repairs. Even if the damage looks minimal, it can easily become more of an issue that may not be covered by insurance if repairs are put off.

What to Look for after a Hail Storm:

  • Roofing and Shingle Damage – Take a step outside and glance at your roof. Does it look the same as it did before the hail came to Ham Lake? Are any shingles raised? Chipped, cracked, in your yard or gutters or are there dents? These are all signs of Roof Hail Damage and even the hard to notice damages can become costly down the road.
  • Missing Sections of Siding and Siding Damages – Siding is easier to inspect than a roof because you can safely get close to many parts of it, without a ladder. If you notice holes, chips, dents and the obvious missing sections of siding, it’s important that you have a professional, or a few, inspect it and get repairs completed before more damages occur.
  • Gutter Damage – Hail packs a powerful punch and can leave holes, cracks and chips in your gutter allowing the water to flow where you’d rather not have it, like near your foundation and walkways, plus cracks in gutters look terrible. Have a professional repair the damage hail has done to your gutters and get your home looking good again, pronto.

Home Hail Damage Repair Experts in Ham Lake

A-Team specializes in quality storm damage repairs for Ham Lake, MN and surrounding Minnesota locations. We make it easy to keep up with the needs and appearance of your home, even after a damaging hail storm, like the one that just passed through the Twin Cities. Contact our Exterior Home Remodeling Experts today to have one of our professionals come to your home and inspect it for storm damages, completely free to you and suggest your next steps at (763) 710-9955.