Insurance Claim Repairs Twin CitiesHas your home been pummeled by recent hail storms or other damaging elements? You might be dealing with your insurance company, filing a claim, waiting for approval for the repairs, and wondering who should do them. Well there’s no need to look any further. A-Team Construction will handle all of the exterior repairs to your Twin Cities house, from the roof to the siding, the windows to the gutters. And we will deal with the insurance company for you so that there’s absolutely no hassle on your part.

Insurance Claim Roof Repairs

Damage from storms most often occurs to the roofs of homes. It makes sense, as that’s the first line of defense for your home from attacks from above. Roof damage should be repaired quickly because the longer it remains in disrepair, the more chances that leaks will form from subsequent rains. And water damage is the last thing you want occurring to your home. Call A-Team Construction today for quick and thorough roof repair services. We will deal with you insurance company from beginning to end, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Insurance Claim Siding Repairs

Siding can often take a beating from hail and other types of storms. You will want to have that repaired in a timely manner, as your home should be properly sealed up by the time winter rolls around. A-Team Construction will handle any siding repairs that have been necessitated by storms. We committed to providing you with reliable repairs for all your siding problems.

Insurance Claim Gutter Repairs

Many people disregard gutters. They view them as not completely necessary. We don’t understand why. Gutters are a crucial component to any home. They direct water away from your home, instead of allowing it to fall and pool by your house. When water pools by a house, it can weaken the foundation. It can seep into concrete and rot any structural support. After severe storms damage your gutters, make sure that they are repaired quickly so that they can support any following rains. At A-Team Construction, we will thoroughly repair any gutters damaged by storms. And because they were damaged by storms, you won’t have to pay for a thing. We’ll deal with the insurance company, ensuring an almost completely hassle-free experience on your end.

Twin Cities Storm Damage Contractor

A-Team Construction is proud to say that we are thoroughly experienced with all exterior home repairs. Many companies are primarily competent a just new home construction, but we are skilled at both new house work and damage repair. We are licensed Minnesota contractors who are well-known in the area as the first choice for repairs to home exteriors. So if storms have damaged your home and you’re dealing with the insurance company, contact A-Team Construction is take it from here!