Minnesota Roofing ServicesWhy did the cheap and experienced roofer have to go to the doctor? He had a bad case of shingles. Fortunately for you, A-Team Construction is always available to provide you quality roofing products, quality service and quality pricing. Providing excellent Minnesota roofing services to the people of this great state. A-Team Construction has a reputation as a top MN residential roofing contractor and proud of their A+ rating with the BBB.

Roofing Installation

It’s true, your roofing contractor is going to spit some serious psychological knowledge really quickly. Has anyone ever heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? In this theory, the basic needs of a person and the very first part of his pyramid include food, drink, shelter, sleep, and oxygen. Without these things, no one can survive. Did anyone else notice shelter being up there? Boom. Folks, you need a good roof to survive! Quality installation of a roof should be of the utmost importance. Our professional roofing team will work with you in determining what type of roofing is best for you and will then carefully install your new roof.


Perhaps there’s an area on your roof that needs some work but it’s not necessarily broken and doesn’t need to be replaced. Re-roofing is the process, depending on how many layers and the condition of the roof, where we can place shingles on top of current ones, providing you with a more affordable option.

Roofing Repairs

When damages happen, a common occurrence in Minnesota, roofing repairs are essential. Without them, you may miss one of Maslow’s basic life necessities! Roofing repairs are often handled through insurance. Fortunately, we have many years of experience in insurance restoration and can help you complete your insurance claim roofing repairs without taking a penny out of your pocket!

Roof Replacement

Sometimes it’s just that time. If you have continuous problems with your roof and repairs look more costly than replacement, we may recommend an entirely new roof. At A-Team Construction, we make it an easy process. As a company, we provide shingle tear off and also waterproof lining replacement. Our goal is to replace your roof with one that will last twice as long.

Ready to learn more? A-Team Construction is here to help you with all of your Minnesota roofing needs. We are a GAF Certified Residential roofing contractor that offers results that