Minnesota Storm Damage Claim DeadlinesWhen disaster strikes its good to be prepared with an action plan on how to return your life back to normal as easily and quickly as possible. Storms can move in without much notice and cause significant damage to area homes. Property damage caused by a thunderstorm, tornado, hail, heavy winds or other type of storm can often be followed up with an insurance claim. Its nice to have an experienced contractor like A-Team Construction on your side to evaluate storm damage to your property, assist with the claims process and provide expert repairs to roofs, siding, windows or gutters. Act quickly to make sure your storm damage claim is process before the deadline.

What Does Insurance Covered in a Storm Damage?

Insurance policies generally provide coverage for damages caused by bad weather. Before you make the call to your homeowner’s insurance agent, you may want a better understanding of what types of damages fall under the category of storm damage. When insurance companies consider whether a claim for damages should be covered as storm damage they often take the following factors into account:

1. Were damages likely caused by high wind, hail, rain, snow or lightning?
2. Were storm conditions present around the same time that damages were reported to have taken place?
3. Does the claim for storm damages appear to be consistent with claims that are reported with this type of weather event?
4. Could other factors be involved that were likely a contributing factor in the damages reported or was the storm the main cause of damages?
5. What was the condition of the property prior to the storm? For example, was poor maintenance or wear and tear a dominant factor in the damage?

Submitting Insurance Claims After Storms Have Time Limits

After you have determined that your property damage was caused by a significant weather event, you should not waste any time in submitting an insurance claim to repair the damage. Make sure that the property has been secured to the best of your ability to prevent further damage. Hold off doing permanent repairs until the damages have been evaluated and documented by a professional. Waiting to file an insurance claim may slow down the process as the adjusters work their way through numerous property damage claims. The cost of materials may also go up with increased demand.

MN Storm Damage Restoration Company

The sooner you contact A-Team Construction to assist with storm damage restoration on your property, the sooner you can get your life back to normal. We have an insurance claim specialist on staff to assist you as you navigate through the entire process in a timely manner. Insurance companies sometimes differ on the deadline given for storm damage claims filing. Check with your individual agent or better yet, let A-Team Construction get to work on your behalf.

A-Team Construction can be reached for storm damage restoration work at: (763) 710-9955 and info@ateamconst.com