roofing-replacement-services-coon-rapidsThere are some things in life that need to be the highest quality possible, and they’re often the things you invest the most time, energy, and money into. For many people, property like a home or vehicle fit into this category. These should be maintained for the good of your investment, but they also need to be kept up for your own safety and comfort. And when it comes to your home, nothing keeps you more safe and comfortable than a durable roof. When that roof is compromised, you’ll soon feel the difference, and you’ll see how quickly a slow leak can become a problem. If you’re in need of a roofing contractor in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, A-Team Construction is here to make sure your investment is secure.

Coon Rapids Roofing Replacement Services

We offer a variety of roofing services, and that’s because not everyone’s roof needs the same treatment. You might need a quick fix to patch an area damaged in a storm, or your roof could have more severe damage that requires more extensive work. Our roofing services include:

• Roofing installation: For a brand new roof on a new home, you’ll need a roofing installer who knows what they’re doing
• Re-roofing: If your roof isn’t too damaged, we can layer new shingles over top of the old to reinforce your roof’s durability
• Roof replacement: When your roof is too damaged to repair, it’s time to replace it. But be careful not to think that this is always necessary!
• Roof repairs: If your roof is damaged in a storm or some other way, we provide insurance-approved roof repairs to make it good as new

Should You Replace Your Roof?

Not all roofing contractors have the same priorities or values. Once you start shopping around for a contractor who’s right for you, you’ll find that there are some contractors who are trusted more than others. Often times, that’s could be because contractors will try to sell you on a service you don’t actually need. Roof replacements are one of those services. Replacing a roof can be costly, and roofers know that. It can be a challenge to find a contractor who has your best interests in mind and won’t try to sell you on a full roof replacement if you just need a quick fix. Even still, you want to have a contractor who knows when a roof really is too far gone to be repaired. With A-Team, you’ll work with professionals who won’t try to fool you. We’ll simply inspect your roof, let you know what the damage is and how it can be fixed, and start the work! Simple as that!

GAF-Certified Roofing Contractor

When searching for a GAF-certified roofing contractor in Coon Rapids, MN, you’ll want a team that’s. You’ll want a team with the highest standards and the best record of service. You’ll want A-Team Construction and Remodeling, where we do only the best work. Contact us at (763) 516-8851, or email today.