Storm Damge Contractor Blaine MNLooking for a storm damage, insurance approved contractor in Blaine, MN? At A-Team Construction, you’ve found the right professionals. We are your licensed, experienced and qualified storm damage, insurance approved contractors in Blaine, MN that will always provide you with quality work. In addition, we brought in a hail storm repair specialist to work with your insurance company REPRESENTING YOU to make sure everything from last years hail storm is covered.Time is running out to file your insurance claim from last years Hail storm on June 11, 2017. Filling your claim includes approval by the deadline!

Storm Damage Insurance Approved Contractor Blaine, MN

Blaine, MN is no stranger to a raging storm. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for both residential and commercial properties to need repairs after a large storm. At A-Team Construction, we know just how frustrating the repair process can be for any property owner. Therefore, we try to make it as simple as possible. We have a specific storm damage specialist on staff that will handle all insurance claims. We believe that having a point person in chaos always helps. Additionally, we leave no area of your home un-inspected. Roofing, siding, windows, gutters and anything else we may find, we will let you know!

Hail Storm Roofing Repairs

Insurance Approved Roofing & Siding Contractor Blaine, MNFixing damages to your roof right after a storm is crucial to the longevity of your roof. Roofing damages have a tendency to escalate greatly if they go untreated. So whether you are missing a couple of shingles, your roof has begun to leak, or you just noticed that it looks dented, having your roof repaired after a storm is vital. Additionally, it is no cost to you as it is typically all covered under insurance.

Blaine Storm Damage Siding Repairs

The high winds and extreme temperature fluctuations in Blaine, MN make it almost impossible for any siding to go unrepaired for too long after a bad storm. We frequently find holes or dents in the siding, along with some siding even being ripped off. A-Team Construction is excellent at siding repair and can make your storm damage siding repair look exactly like it did before or even better.

Window and Gutter Repair

Nothing can stop golf ball sized hail from breaking the glass on your window. Whether it’s a small crack or a large break, window replacement is recommended and covered by your storm damage insurance. This also can be said for your gutters. With so many branches falling or hail pounding your gutters, making sure they are in working order after a storm is essential. Our team can repair all of your gutter issues, from the fascia and soffit to your gutter covers.

June 11, 2017 Hail Storm Insurance Claim Filing Time Deadline is Almost Here!

A-Team Construction is your ideal storm damage insurance approved contractor, and time is running out to file your insurance claim from last years hail storm on June 11, 2017. For more information about having our in house, hail storm repair specialist come out and REPRESENT YOU, give us a call today at (763) 710-9955 or send us an email at