Storm Damage Repair Services BlaineWhen your home is caught in the thick of a storm – which isn’t all that uncommon in Minnesota – you’re going to want a contracting company by your side that will be there for any and all storm damage repair needs, whether that be siding repairs, roof repairs, or otherwise. At A-Team Construction and Remodeling, we offer storm damage repair services in Blaine, Minnesota to help homeowners rest easy knowing they’re covered, should anything happen to their homes during the winter. As exterior remodeling contractors, we’re experts in repairing all areas of your home’s exterior, from your roof to your gutters, ensuring that we can be your one-stop-shop for storm repairs when you need us.

Residential Storm Damage Repairs

The bad news is that you’re shopping around for a home repair company. The good news is that you’ve found one that can help you no matter what part of your home is damaged by a storm. We provide a range of storm damage home repair services, including:

• Roof Repairs After a Storm

Roofing repairs are sometimes simple, but they can be quite complicated, as well. If your roof has been damaged only slightly during a storm, we may be able to re-roof a small section by adding shingles over top of existing shingles. However, there are times when roofing issues are more serious, and this can mean repairing full sections or your roof or even replacing your roof entirely. We’ll inspect your roof thoroughly before making any suggestions, and we’ll never try to offer you a service you don’t need.

• Storm Damaged Siding Repair Company

Siding is something that needs to be repaired both for the aesthetic of your home and for its protection. Siding keeps your home’s bones from becoming damaged, and when your siding falls or breaks in a storm, it can mean leaving your home vulnerable to future storms. We can make sure this doesn’t happen by quickly repairing siding damaged in a storm.

• Storm Damaged Window Replacement

When your windows crack or break, it can mean the end of your warmth for the day, as cold air will continuously slip in through your windows, and warm air will always be making its way outside. To stop this from becoming a problem – and from hiking your heating bills up this winter – we can install energy efficient windows that will not only solve your problem of broken windows but will save you money in the long run, as well, by cutting heating and cooling costs!

• Gutter  Repairs After  A Storm

If your gutters have fallen or broken during a storm, we’ll fix or replace them. Simple as that!

Insurance-Approved Storm Damage Repair Company

At A-Team Construction and Remodeling, we’ll work with your insurance company to negotiate a price for your home repairs after a storm so that you don’t have to, and we will act as your greatest advocates. To learn more about our Blaine, Minnesota storm damage repair services, contact us today at (763) 516-8851 or