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Best Twin Cities Roofing Company

Twin Cities Roofing CompanyIf you live or work inside of a structure, chances are that you have a roof over your head. Seems simple, right? That is where the simplicity ends. In order to know that you have a well-designed roof made of sturdy materials, you need to have a roofing contractor that knows what they are doing. With countless satisfied customers, a BBB A+ rating and GAF Certified professionals, A-Team Construction is an excellent choice for your residential and commercial roofing needs Read Full Post

Twin Cities Home Storm Damage Repair

Twin Cities Storm Damage RepairsAs Twin Cities residents recover from the recent severe storms, roofing repairs and gutter repairs are on the rise in the area. While many companies may claim to be experts, there are only a few Minneapolis/St Paul storm damage repair specialists in the area that have the expertise to handle this type of work. At A-Team Construction we’re committed to the local area and can handle any type of storm damage repairs you may be in need of, possibly siding, roofing issues and more. Read Full Post

Free Hail Damage Inspections Ham Lake MN

Ham Lake Hail Damage InspectionThe local meteorologists in Ham Lake, MN have been extremely busy as of late. With all of the severe storms we’ve seen over the past week or so, many residents of the area have seen significant Ham Lake storm damages. Some of these home hail damages are easily seen by the naked eye while others are harder to identify, but serious nonetheless. Hail damage can cause damage to your roof, siding, windows and gutters, so it’s important that you have a trained contractor assess your home for storm damage as soon as possible. At A-Team Construction we offer hail damage home repair to residents all across the Twin Cities area. If you’re worried that your home has been damaged by a recent hail storm, contact our office today for a free, no obligation estimate. Read Full Post

Ham Lake Hail Damage Repairs

Hail Damage Repairs Ham LakeIt’s no secret that Ham Lake, MN and surrounding areas within the Twin Cities experienced an intense amount of hail a couple evenings ago. With hail storms comes hail damage, sometimes the damage is visible and sometimes it is hard to see. The licensed roofing contractors at A-Team Construction and Remodeling are experienced in Residential Hail Storm Damage Repairs, so experienced that we have our own Insurance Claim Specialist dedicated solely to dealing directly with insurance companies. If you suspect, see or are concerned about any hail damage on your roofing, siding, windows, gutters or any other area of your home – contact A-Team Construction for a no obligation, free home inspection. Read Full Post