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Flat Roof Repair

BBB A+ Accredited MN Business Have you been putting off your flat roof repairs for far too long? The roof is one aspect of your property that simply cannot be ignored. If you don’t address the flat roof damage, things will only get worse. Now, there are definitely some repairs that you can handle on your own, but flat roof repairs are not one of them. You want to leave these types of repairs up to the professionals so that your flat roof can get back to full strength and so that the life expectancy of your flat roof will soar. When it comes to a flat roof repair contractor, there is no better option than our team at A-Team Construction. Read Full Post

Chanhassen Storm Damage Repairs

Chanhassen Storm Damage Repair SpecalistsAt times, Mother Nature can make herself heard loud and clear; possibly through an intense bang of thunder, a drought, a blizzard, or a tornado. No matter the type of weather, there is always an impact on the earth and in some cases on our homes. Chanhassen MN and surrounding areas might be more well known for blizzard-like conditions, but we do experience strong thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes from time to time. These summertime storms can wreak havoc on homes causing unexpected damage. If you have experienced storm damage to your home recently, A-Team Construction is here to help. Read Full Post